Saturday, April 26, 2014

Our Daily Vittles - Weight Loss Progress and Week 4 Menu Planning

3 LBS Week over week weight loss WOOHOO!

10 LBS TOTAL weight loss (since starting the shake/cleanse/healthy eating)
12 LBS TOTAL weight loss (since eating healthier)

Daily vittles - April 20 - 26: 

Easter Sunday: 3 oz. ham, salad, avocado deviled eggs, grapes
Monday: Spinach-stuffed flank steak

Tuesday: Skinny Lemon Chicken
Wednesday:  Cauliflower Pizza - didn't work out for me...soggy and had to eat with a fork. The family made pizzas as well but used pizza bread
Thursday: I did a cleanse and the family had leftovers
Friday: I did a cleanse and the family had leftovers
Saturday (Hubby's birthday): Salt Grass Restaurant - Chicken and veggies (no butter, no bread, no cupcake). I was totally okay with not having a cupcake. I can do this!!!

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