Wednesday, March 29, 2017

DIY Floral Barrette

Hello everyone.  I want to show you how I turned a ho-hum hair clip into a pretty spring fashion piece with today's DIY Floral Barrette tutorial.

So now that you've seen the finished project, let's take a look at what it started out as.

Still very lovely but sometimes you just want to add a bit of happiness to your hair, right?

All I needed to complete this was a few sheets of patterned paper, die cuts, puffy stickers and Sticky Thumb adhesive of course! I would also suggest a bit of Mod Podge or some sort of sealer to protect it from repeated use or a rainy day.

The first thing I did was wrap the barrette in paper.  Easy peasy!

Next, I fussy cut some flowers and carefully selected a die cut butterfly and a few puffy stickers. I cut some extra leaves to use as fillers.

Then I just started layering the bits and pieces. I started with the two larger pieces on the ends and then filled in with smaller bits until I loved the look.

Remember the before photo above?  What do you think of the after? I can tell you that I have a very happy little girl who can't wait to wear this with her favorite Spring outfits!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Lucky Charm Scrapbooking Layout and Free Cut File

Hello everyone!  Today I'm sharing my lucky charm documented in a scrapbook layout and a free Silhouette cut file so you can create your own Lucky Charm scrapbooking layout!
I consider my girl to be as rare as a 4 leaf clover so I thought it was appropriate to create a background full of these lucky clovers.  You can too by downloading this free Silhouette cut file HERE.

I used two patterned papers and cut 2 different sizes of clovers, which are included in the free cut file.  Then, I placed them 4 across and 4 down. It is a 4 leaf clover afterall.  I alternated the large clover patterns.
Once they were all placed on the page, I tacked them with a dab of glue to keep them in place.  Then I stitched a + or an x through them.  Next, I lifted up the sides of each petal and creased them in the middle.  I also alternated puffy flower stickers and gold sequins to the middle of the clovers. You can see this better in the photo below.

I kept the layering around the photos to a minimum since the background was already so busy.  I added just enough to draw attention to the photos.

I just love the pink glitter Thickers included with this collection.  I blended them with a script "lucky" to complete the layout.