Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tutorial: Pinwheel Flowers

I am always trying to incorporate different types of flowers in my layouts.  I was scrapping about a day at the park and I thought pinwheels would be appropriate for beautiful summer days.  Here's how I did it and check back on Mnday to see the entire layout (I also made a lollipop flowers and a journal tree).

First I cut a 2" square and then I folded it in half and creased it in half so I could find the center easily. Notice the red ink mark. I purposely used some paper that had a flaw on it because I knew I could cover it up and I just couldn't let it go to waste.
Open the square back up and then I made marks 1/2" from the center on all 4 creases.
Cut along the creased line from the corner in to the pencil mark.
Fold one of the cut corners in to the center and adhere it with adhesive. I used a glue dot. Repeat on remaining 3 cuts. until pinwheel is formed.
And here is the pinwheel. Can you see the red ink mark?
Check back Monday to see how I used it on my layout.


Anita said...

Great tutorial.

Emily C said...

This is a great tut!!! I love the look of the pinwheels but I hadnt been able to figure them out yet. Your step by step pics make it super easy to follow!

Emily C