Monday, October 22, 2018

Trick or Treat!

Hi everyone!  I’m so excited about this project! I just adore the Elle’s Studio design team. They are all so very talented and this month I got to choose another team member’s project to scrap lift. My project was inspired by Amanda Baldwin’s Favorite Story layout:

Here’s why I chose Amanda’s layout: I was drawn in by the large triangle that draws your eye from the top of the page directly down to the photo. Then there’s all the layers. I just couldn’t help myself and I had to add my own spin to the project.

Supplies | October 2018 KitOctober LabelsAutumn Fun StickersStars and Dots Puffy StickersHalloween Wood VeneerTrick or Treat Wood VeneerSweater Weather 6″ x 6″ Paper StackFamily Fun 12″ x 12″ Paper Collection
I started by trimming my white cardstock down 1/2″ on the right and 1/2″ on the top so that I would lay it over the gray patterned paper from the Family Fun 12″ x 12″ Paper Collection and have approximately 1/4″ border around the white cardstock. Next, I drew a triangle in my design software to help determine what size triangles I would need to fill in a larger triangle space. I cut 5 different patterned papers from the Sweater Weather 6″ x 6″ Paper Stack into small triangles and adhered them lightly to the page. Once I liked the placement, I sewed around each triangle. The easiest way I found to do this was in straight lines across multiple triangles. The Trick or Treat Wood Veneer created the perfect BOLD title I needed to pop against the busy patterns.

Next, I noticed that Amanda chose to add lots of layers behind her photo, so I started layering various 3″ x 4″ tags from the October Kit, choosing tags that coordinated with the colors of the patterned papers I used in the triangle above. I also added in a few strips of patterned paper from above to help bring it all together.

Next, I liked the speech bubbles that Amanda used. Hers were stamped using the Quoted Stamp, but the ones in this month’s kit were perfect for this, so I just fussy cut them from the 3″x4″ tag and added some sentiments on them. Last but not least, I added a few more wood pieces from the Halloween Wood Veneer around the page as well as Stars and Dots Puffy Stickers to finish the page off. I’ll add something about the girls on the labels and add journaling to the tag, which you can pull in and out from behind the photo.

I hope this project inspires you the way Amanda inspired me, and I also hope you can see how a slight variation in how the design is assembled can add a new spin and feel to the overall page!

Monday, October 15, 2018

THANKFUL for…printable cards

Hi everyone.  Heather Leopard is here with a new spin on our annual Thanksgiving “I Am Thankful” cards.  Today’s project also includes a process video, which I will post here this week.Thankful for printable cards by @HeatherLeopard using @PebblesInc My Bright Life collection #madewithpebbles #printables #thanksgiving #thankful
Each year either my mom or I make cards for family members to fill out when we’re all together at Thanksgiving.  This year was my turn and I wanted to create cards that have space for a small photo of the person who completes the card along with short journaling spots.
Thankful for printable cards by @HeatherLeopard using @PebblesInc My Bright Life collection #madewithpebbles #printables #thanksgiving #thankful
I drew this up in PowerPoint and then printed it on my color printer. Easy peasy!  The square measures 1.5″ x 1.5″ so there’s just enough room to fit a small 1.25″ x 1.25″ photo. Then the other boxes are just the right size for a small phrase or even just one word, like “family.  You could even write out a long sentence or two utilizing the space in all the boxes together.
Thankful for printable cards by @HeatherLeopard using @PebblesInc My Bright Life collection #madewithpebbles #printables #thanksgiving #thankful
I added embellishments, like stickers and die cuts to each of the cards. I didn’t add much, more like just enough, because the true heart of the card is in what everyone writes on them.  I plan to place stickers next to the cards in case anyone wants to add more to theirs.  You could also wait to add embellishments and let your guests add their own.
Thankful for printable cards by @HeatherLeopard using @PebblesInc My Bright Life collection #madewithpebbles #printables #thanksgiving #thankful
Some of the embellishments are adhered directly to the card, while others, like this cute butterfly are popped up using 3D foam dots.Thankful for printable cards by @HeatherLeopard using @PebblesInc My Bright Life collection #madewithpebbles #printables #thanksgiving #thankful
Here’s what the completed cards look like. I made 8 in total and they were just so quick and easy. I can totally see my guests adding more die cuts and stickers to these or maybe even some doodling.  I can’t wait to see what everyone writes.  Oh, that gives me an idea…I think I’ll turn these into a mini album. Stay tuned for another post on that!
Also, check back later this week for a process video on how these cards came together.
xoxo, Heather
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Friday, October 5, 2018

Scrapbooking Tips & Tricks | Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch Layout

Hi everyone.  Today I’m sharing a few scrapbooking tips and tricks, and a process video. Some of these tips were part of my scrapbooking newbie “go-to” arsenal when I first started scrapbooking and others are still my tried and true essentials today.  All of it is manifested in the process video below for this cutest pumpkin in the patch layout I did.
Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch Scrapbooking Process Video by @HeatherLeopard using @PebblesInc #SpookyBoo #Halloween collection
Okay, let’s dive right into the tips and tricks I used for this layout…

Tip #1

All things pumpkin are part of the Pebbles challenge for October! Hope you'll join us for the party!
Courtesy of Rogers Gardens
CHALLENGES: The photo above relates to a current challenge here at Pebbles…many online groups and scrapbooking companies create challenges every month.  These are great ways to help you focus on what to create.  I find that I just have WAY too many photos to scrap so searching for “scrapbooking challenges” or terms along those lines are sure to uncover something that will inspire you. The bonus is that there’s usually some contest and reward.  Sometimes it’s a gift card, sometimes a kit, sometimes it’s just the glory.  For example, Pebbles is currently hosting a “pumpkin-inspired” project challenge.  I took that challenge on and created the layout above. The current challenge is to create something pumpkin inspired so it can be a project, a card, a layout, whatever! Head over there to see the details.

Tip #2

Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch Scrapbooking Sketch and Process Video by @HeatherLeopard using @PebblesInc #SpookyBoo #Halloween collection #sketch
SKETCHES: Many people turn to sketches for inspiration.  A sketch is like a recipe for scrapbooking.  It doesn’t necessarily tell you how many of this or that or provide measurements but it’s a visual diagram of a layout. Some people choose to follow sketches exactly, while others use it as a jumping off point for their layout, meaning they see something in the sketch that inspires them and may only follow part of the sketch for their design. There’s really no rules for sketches.  There are many sketch sites out there. Just Google scrapbooking sketches and you’re sure to come up with many options.  I also have sketches of my projects, which can be found HERE ON MY BLOG.


SCRAPLIFT someone: Visit scrapbook company blogs, your favorite designer’s blog, Instagram, YouTube, wherever find inspiration and choose a layout that you think suits your photos.  Like sketches, you can scraplift exactly like the original or use it as a jumping off point and take it whichever direction you choose. I see scraplifting as a form of compliment and if you post it online, it’s always courtesy to list the person who inspired you!  If you can tag that person, they are sure to see what you did and leave you all sorts of wonderful feedback. The layout above was part of a collaboration I did with Christine Meyer, where we scraplifted each other.  I did not scraplift exactly like hers.  Instead, I chose two elements of her design – she had a small amount of the buffalo check and a circular floral design.  You can see her original layout in the process video below.

Tip #4Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch Scrapbooking Process Video Visual Design by @HeatherLeopard using @PebblesInc #SpookyBoo #Halloween collection

DESIGN: Whenever possible, I like to use a visual triangle design for my scrapbooking layouts. This helps guide the eye around the page to the important things you want to call out and can be easily accomplished by looking at the layout as having 3 anchor points.  These anchor points usually have the same colors and many of the same elements.  In the photo above, I have the photo at the top right (most important element), the pumpkin at the bottom and the floral cluster at the top left.  Notice that the same colors are used but also the same flowers are the one thing that is the same in each of these areas.  The triangle doesn’t have to have equal sides and things can be placed lower or higher or over more but just having a general triangle in the design should help with the flow of the layout.


SUPPLIES: I like to make a kit for each of my projects.  The easiest way to do this is to gather 6 – 7 patterned papers, 1 – 2 cardstock papers, alphas, die cuts, chipboard and stickers.  You can add additional embellishments, such as ribbon, washi, twine, enamel dots, etc. I like to print my photo and then make a kit using supplies that coordinate well with my photo. Or if you really want to use a certain color scheme and your photo doesn’t match, print it in black and white. Creating kits before you start creating really helps you focus and speeds the scrapbooking process tremendously. Knowing what you have to work with also helps remove the design clutter in your head.  Once you have the kit, you have everything at you fingertips. I used the Pebbles Spooky Boo and My Bright Life collections for this kit and layout.
Watch my Process Video to see how I used these scrapbooking tips and tricks for this layout.
xoxo, Heather
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