Monday, May 21, 2018

Patriotic Home Decor

Hello everyone, in honor of the upcoming Memorial holiday in the States where we honor the fallen from our armed forces, I created a patriotic home decor piece.  This can be used for anything Patriotic themed of course, but we are displaying it this coming weekend in memory of those who aren’t coming home.
Pebbles Patriotic Home Decor by @HeatherLeopard using @pebblesinc #LandThatILove collection #madewithpebbles #homedecor #patriotic #stars #america #4thofJuly
America…land of the free, because of the brave!
Pebbles Patriotic Home Decor by @HeatherLeopard using @pebblesinc #LandThatILove collection #madewithpebbles #homedecor #patriotic #stars #america #4thofJuly
So I found this awesome wooden cut out in the shape of the United States at my favorite dollar spot last year.  While I’ve used it in the past as part of the decor, kind of kept plain and in the background, it was time for this baby to take center stage! All it needed was a little imagination and creativity.
Pebbles Patriotic Home Decor by @HeatherLeopard using @pebblesinc #LandThatILove collection #madewithpebbles #homedecor #patriotic #stars #america #4thofJuly
I will have a process video for this coming within a few days but until then, I’ll walk you through my process…
I started out with the idea to add a statement or phrase to the board but it’s a little bit on the small to medium size and more on the small size so I trimmed it down to one word. I considered “home”, “U.S.A.” and a few others but ultimately decided to state the obvious and go with “America”. I wrote out the word in my die cut machine software and sized it to 2″ h x 8″ w and cut it out of patterned paper.  I knew I wanted to re-use the board, so I adhered it with a temporary tape runner adhesive.
Pebbles Patriotic Home Decor by @HeatherLeopard using @pebblesinc #LandThatILove collection #madewithpebbles #homedecor #patriotic #stars #america #4thofJuly
Next, I cut a selection of 3D flowers.  Some are layers upon each other like the red one assembled above and the red and blue trio of petals above that are patiently waiting to be assembled.  The others  are quilled paper flowers in various sizes.
Pebbles Patriotic Home Decor by @HeatherLeopard using @pebblesinc #LandThatILove collection #madewithpebbles #homedecor #patriotic #stars #america #4thofJuly
These fun super dimensional flowers start off looking like a spiral.  I used a quilling tool to easily roll them up. You could also use a pencil or pen to roll your flowers. You simply insert the “tail” of the spiral into the slit in the metal part of the tool or wrap it around and pencil and start rolling it up.
Pebbles Patriotic Home Decor by @HeatherLeopard using @pebblesinc #LandThatILove collection #madewithpebbles #homedecor #patriotic #stars #america #4thofJuly
I wrap mine tight for the most part and then pull the tool or pencil out and release the flow, letting it unravel a bit.  I used liquid adhesive but to speed up the drying process, you may want to use a glue gun. The glue gun also helps ensure the flower stays in place better than the liquid adhesive.  Knowing I wanted to re-use the board, I applied a small amount of glue dots behind each flower to adhere them to the board. Did you notice that I used one of the small ones as the dot for the “i”?
Pebbles Patriotic Home Decor by @HeatherLeopard using @pebblesinc #LandThatILove collection #madewithpebbles #homedecor #patriotic #stars #america #4thofJuly
I wanted to add additional elements to it, similar to how I would a scrapbooking layout so I went into my stash and pulled out some stars I had leftover from another project and tucked them into the flowers.  I had to lift a few and re-stick them here and there but I was able to use the same glue dots so it was easy peasy.  I also added some puffy dots around the board.
Pebbles Patriotic Home Decor by @HeatherLeopard using @pebblesinc #LandThatILove collection #madewithpebbles #homedecor #patriotic #stars #america #4thofJuly
So there you have it, a fun and easy piece of home decor that I plan to use this week and next to commemorate Memorial Day and celebrate the 4th of July.
Thanks so much for stopping by today.
xoxo, Heather
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Oh My Stars Patriotic / General Cards

Hi everyone.  I'm here today with a couple of cards I made. While these may be in a Patriotic red, white and blue theme, I specifically made them generic so they could be given to anyone for any reason.

Aptly called "Oh My Stars" and "It's a Star Spangled Kind of Day", these can be given as a thank you, pick me up, graduation, etc...

Pebbles Patriotic Cards or General Purpose Cards by @HeatherLeopard using @pebblesinc #LandThatILove collection #madewithpebbles #cards #patriotic #stars #america #4thofJuly

I'll post a process video to my YouTube channel and do a couple of blog posts to show you how these came together, which was rather quickly I might add.

Star Spangled Kind of Day

Pebbles Patriotic Cards or General Purpose Cards by @HeatherLeopard using @pebblesinc #LandThatILove collection #madewithpebbles #cards #patriotic #stars #america #4thofJuly

As I was trying to figure out what to make, I kept staring at a pile of stars I had leftover from a Stars and Stripes Scrapbooking Layout and Process Video I created. I saved those stars for a reason and this is one of them.
Pebbles Patriotic Cards or General Purpose Cards by @HeatherLeopard using @pebblesinc #LandThatILove collection #madewithpebbles #cards #patriotic #stars #america #4thofJuly

I also had this scrap of stars cut from white cardstock so I combined the two to create this card.  To create it, I backed the cut out star areas with slightly larger stars, then layered star outlines  over some of them and popped up other stars using foam dots.  I then added a few rub-ons, the sentiment, and a couple of puffy stickers.  It was quick and easy and done in no time.

Oh my stars card

Pebbles Patriotic Cards or General Purpose Cards by @HeatherLeopard using @pebblesinc #LandThatILove collection #madewithpebbles #cards #patriotic #stars #america #4thofJuly

This one started out with an attempt to create a background for the firecracker die cuts but as you can see, they never made it on the card.

Pebbles Patriotic Cards or General Purpose Cards by @HeatherLeopard using @pebblesinc #LandThatILove collection #madewithpebbles #cards #patriotic #stars #america #4thofJuly

The card base consists of stripes that I cut from patterned paper that already has this pattern on it.  You could simply cut the background the size of the card base if you want to make it easier.  I chose to cut them for 2 reasons - 1. I wanted to add the strips so that the words were going in different directions and 2. I wanted to be able to bend the strips up after I cut them, to add a bit of dimension. Once I completed the stitching, I added it to the folded card base. I did this so that the recipient wouldn't see the stitching on the inside of the card.

Pebbles Patriotic Cards or General Purpose Cards by @HeatherLeopard using @pebblesinc #LandThatILove collection #madewithpebbles #cards #patriotic #stars #america #4thofJuly

Next, I added the blue star paper strip from the same patterned paper I cut the red/white stripes and added a border that is actually the border strip from the same paper.  So one piece of paper (with plenty leftover and one card base and this card it almost complete. To finish it off, I added the die cut "oh my stars" sentiment.

Pebbles Patriotic Cards or General Purpose Cards by @HeatherLeopard using @pebblesinc #LandThatILove collection #madewithpebbles #cards #patriotic #stars #america #4thofJuly

I hope you've enjoyed a bit of card inspiration today. The designs for these can be used for any theme so I'll share the process videos for these cards here and on my YouTube channel below later this week or next so check back soon.

Thanks for stopping by today.
xoxo, Heather
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Friday, May 18, 2018

Teacher Gift Basket

Hi everyone.  I'm here today to talk about teacher gifts.  With the school year winding down, I always like to give my girls’ teachers a gift card. The problem is that I always feel compelled to enhance it with a bit of personalization.
Teacher Gift Idea by @HeatherLeopard using @pebblesinc #patioparty collection #madewithpebbles #cards #teacher #teachergift #gift
I decided a gift basket with a journal, gift card and plant was in order.  I’ve been gardening quite a bit lately and I just love how easy succulents are to care for.
Spring Cards by @HeatherLeopard using @pebblesinc #patioparty collection #madewithpebbles #spring #cards #flowercards
I also pulled a card I recently created from my stash as it was a perfect addition, made form the same collection I was planning to use for the gift decor.
Teacher Gift Idea by @HeatherLeopard using @pebblesinc #patioparty collection #madewithpebbles #cards #teacher #teachergift #gift
Next, I created a bow in colors that coordinated with the journal and succulent I added to the gift basket.  This bow is super dimensional and very easy to make.  You simply cut strips of paper to your desired length.  Note that they fold in half to form the bow so keep that in mind when cutting your strips. So you cut 5 strips the same length and then bend the ends together so that they make a loop.  Secure then with adhesive, liquid glue or even thread. I chose a flower die but but you can add another loop on the inside.
Teacher Gift Idea by @HeatherLeopard using @pebblesinc #patioparty collection #madewithpebbles #cards #teacher #teachergift #gift
I used this cute ruler crate I found at a dollar spot at one of my favorite stores.  You could easily recreate this but using actual rulers, cut down or drawing the lines with marker.  I added the bow, “thanks” and a few more embellishments!
Teacher Gift Idea by @HeatherLeopard using @pebblesinc #patioparty collection #madewithpebbles #cards #teacher #teachergift #gift
So there you have it! What started out as a gift card was easily enhanced with a little creativity and heartfelt appreciation.
Thanks so much for stopping by today.
xoxo, Heather
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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Tag Mini Album | Elle's Studio May 2018 Kit Reveal

I'm excited to show you a tag mini album I made using the Elle's Studio May 2018 kit.  But that's not all...this post includes the full reveal of the May kit.
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Here's a look at the Tag Mini album. You'll have to read to the end to see the inside pages...

 Before I reveal it all to you, check out the amazing May 2018 kit I used to make this.

This is the May 2018 kit. Look at all these awesome cards, die cuts, stickers, y'all!
And now the add-ons.  These are perfection! I'm pretty much in love with it all!  Give me ALL.THE.THINGS!

May Labels | Gold Shapes and Dots Puffy Stickers | Puffy Heart Stickers |  Kraft Tags | Grid and Lined Journaling Tags - Multi Pack | Good Times Acrylic | Wood Veneer Fun | Arrow Label Stickers Play All Day Phrase Stickers | Hazel Alphabet Stamp | Hello Stamp | May 2018 Digital Cut File

Projects created using the May 2018 kit and add-ons

You can find process videos for all of these on my Youtube channel. I'm doing a GIVEAWAY over there on my iNSD video.  You have until 5/13/18 to enter.

Tag Mini Album

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Basic Supplies for New Scrapbookers | Beginner Scrapbooking Series

Hi everyone. I was recently asked by someone wanting to start scrapbooking what supplies were needed. I put together a list and want to share it with others because I'm thinking there's more than one person out there wondering how to get started.  If you're a scrapbooker already, I'd love to hear what your basic supply list includes.

I'm going to make this into a blog as well as YouTube series, which will include:
  • Scrapbooking 101 so to speak for those looking for the basic supplies, the design elements of scrapbooking, where to go for inspiration more.
  • Intermediate and Advanced Scrapbooking for those looking to go beyond the basics - playing with mixed media, ink, die cut machines, sewing...
Stay tuned.  For now, let's chat about the basic supplies needed to start scrapbooking...

Basic Supplies for New Scrapbookers

  • Fiskars paper trimmer: I included two below. Look for the one that does not have the wire so it's hassle free! I love mine because I get a precise cut every single time. 
  • Tonic scissors: I've had mine for over 5 years now and they are still shrap!  Also, nothing sticks to these and they don't make my hand cramp when I'm fussy cutting.
  • Tape Runner Adhesive: I use the Sticky Thumbs tape runner as well as the Scotch ATG, which is larger than your average tape runner. I recently switched to the ATG tape runner for two reasons - you don't have to refill the tape as often so it lowers the cost and second, the adhesive on several of my older layouts stopped sticking and my photos and papers came apart. I asked around and this had rave reviews from trusted scrappers!
  • Double Sided Tape: Another great options for tape runner.  Works well with metals, wood veneer, and more.
  • Liquid Adhesive: This is one of several that I used.  I find that the glue settles nicely and doesn't leave visible lumps when I glue things together.
  • Glue Dots: these are a must have for every scrapbooker and card maker. The perfect amount of adhesive for small, individual embellishments.
  • Dimensional Foam Dots: don't scrapbook without these!  These allow you to add a pop of dimension to your scrapbook layouts!  Selectively place them under photos, paper, embellishments to make things stand out on the page.
  • White 12"x12" textured cardstock: this is my go-to staple that I use as the foundation for most of my pages.  
  • Black .03 pen: for journaling and doodling.
  • Patterned paper collection - search Pink Paislee, American Crafts, Pebbles, Elle's Studio for the latest collections.  They release new collections every few months.
  • Embellishments such as stickers, chipboard, die cuts (ephemera) that coordinate with the collection
  • Thickers alphabet chipboard: these are great for titles!
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Looking for scrapbooking inspiration?

Explore my blog for scrapbooking ideas, sketches, which are a great starting point for all layouts and free cut files if you already have a die cut machine.

Visit my YouTube channel to watch scrapbooking process videos - watch me as I create layouts and talk through my process for each one.

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