Monday, September 25, 2017

DIY Candle Decor using Midnight Haunting

Calling all ghosts and goblins....I wanted to share with some spooky Halloween ideas. The gorgeous spider web gold vellum sheet was my inspiration for my DIY Candle Decor with the Pebbles Midnight Haunting collection.
  DIY Candle Decor by @heatherleopard using @pebblesinc #MidnightHaunting #DIY #Halloween #madewithpebbles #heatherleopard #halloweendecorPersonally, I think this would made a great welcome statement or mantle decor for any home.  I mean, who doesn't want to see spiders and witches and poison every day leading up to Halloween. LOL! This was a lot of fun to create.  It was also really simple and relatively quick to make.  The longest part was waiting for the Mod Podge to dry.  You'll see in some of my photos that I wasn't so patient but (in the end), it's dry and completely opaque.

Get started here: DIY Candle Decor by @heatherleopard using @pebblesinc #MidnightHaunting #DIY #Halloween #madewithpebbles #heatherleopard #halloweendecor Grab different sizes of glass candle jars and/or votives.  I had some of these in my stash and then I hit up the local dollar store for more.  I'm sure you could find some at the thrift store.  Either way, this project can be done without breaking the bank. Also grab the spider web vellum and coordinating papers and embellishments.

Create your own DIY candle decor

DIY Candle Decor by @heatherleopard using @pebblesinc #MidnightHaunting #DIY #Halloween #madewithpebbles #heatherleopard #halloweendecor Before I get into the steps for this, note that the adhesive is still drying but it does dry nice and evenly opaque. First step is to lay out your vellum and notice where the spider's web will be at the top.  You don't want them too high or too low because we are going to trim around the webs (it will leave them sticking up just a bit at the top). Once you like the placement, apply Mod Podge to the glass jar and apply your vellum.  Make sure to press it down real good and avoid any wrinkles. Reposition quickly as needed but you will have to move quickly to do it. You can wait for it to completely dry or (if you're like me), you can start trimming the webs at the top once you know it won't move around.

Time to decorate

DIY Candle Decor by @heatherleopard using @pebblesinc #MidnightHaunting #DIY #Halloween #madewithpebbles #heatherleopard #halloweendecor Now it's time to embellish. I added a few spiders here and there on the web-covered candle holders while I decorated a couple others in coordinating patterned paper. DIY Candle Decor by @heatherleopard using @pebblesinc #MidnightHaunting #DIY #Halloween #madewithpebbles #heatherleopard #halloweendecor Here's a few more decorating ideas. I kept everything in the scary theme - spiders, poison, etc. DIY Candle Decor by @heatherleopard using @pebblesinc #MidnightHaunting #DIY #Halloween #madewithpebbles #heatherleopard #halloweendecor This DIY Candle decor was so fun to make.  I could totally see this as a fun craft to do with the kids. Luckily the Midnight Haunting collection has all sorts of designs, from cute to scary, so I'm sure there's something to fit everyone's taste.

Supplies: Midnight Haunting Double-Sided Cardstock 12″x12″ Gold Foil Vellum (733651) Midnight Haunting Double-Sided Cardstock 12″x12″ Eek (733641) Midnight Haunting Double-Sided Cardstock 12″x12″ Autumn Plaid (733644) Midnight Haunting Double-Sided Cardstock 12″x12″ Haunted Mansion (733645) Midnight Haunting Double-Sided Cardstock 12″x12″Creepy Crawly (733646) Midnight Haunting Ephemera (733654) Midnight Haunting Cardstock Stickers (733653)

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Celebrate the Grands | Grandparents Scrapbooking Layout

Hello everyone.  I'm here with a scrapbooking layout to celebrate the Grands. By grands, I'm referring to grandparents!  I chose to create a layout about my grandmother.  While visiting her this past Mother's Day, I introduced my 93 year old grandma to snapchat. We shared so much laughter playing with all the filters.  I hadn't seen her laugh that hard in a while so I thought I'd create a grandparents scrapbooking layout about this great memory.

  Grand Love Grandparents Scrapbooking Layout by @heatherleopard #madewithpebbles #heartofhome #scrapbooking #scrapbook #grandparentsday #grandparents #flowersMy photo provided all the inspiration I needed for this scrapbooking layout. My goal was to re-create the floral headpiece on my page and the Gatherings patterned paper from the Heart of Home collection was perfect.

To begin: Gather a tone on tone patterned paper. I suggest going with something muted and in a color that your flowers will pop against. Grand Love Scrapbooking Layout by @heatherleopard #madewithpebbles #heartofhome #scrapbooking #scrapbook #grandparentsday #grandparents #flowers Since I wanted the flowers to pop on this grandparents scrapbooking layout, I grabbed my Gesso. You can use paint or any mixed media foundation of your choosing and paint it on in a diagonal, where you plan to place your flowers.  Don't just do a straight line across, let the paint cover other ares of your page so it blends together. Set aside to dry.

Choosing your flowers While the gesso is drying, let's talk flowers... Grand Love Scrapbooking Layout by @heatherleopard #madewithpebbles #heartofhome #scrapbooking #scrapbook #grandparentsday #grandparents #flowers I wanted to find flowers that resembled our headpiece. I got lucky and the perfect flowers not only came from the same collection but they were on the same patterned paper.  Sometimes we aren't as lucky. When choosing flowers, I like to choose at least 3 different styles of flowers in at least 3 different colors and probably no more than 5.

  Grand Love Scrapbooking Layout by @heatherleopard #madewithpebbles #heartofhome #scrapbooking #scrapbook #grandparentsday #grandparents #flowersCheck to make sure the gesso is dry, and trust me, if you fussy cut all those flowers like I did, it'll be dry by the time you get to this stage.  Start arranging the flowers on the page.  I started with my larger flower clusters and just spread them out on the page.  Once you have a good idea where you want your larger clusters, start filling the empty spaces with medium flowers.  Also at this time, take a look at your other embellishments to see if you want to mix any other items in.  Some of these may be on the larger side so you'll want to have an idea where to place them sooner than later. If you look closely, you'll see hidden messages within the flowers.

  Grand Love Grandparents Scrapbooking Layout by @heatherleopard #madewithpebbles #heartofhome #scrapbooking #scrapbook #grandparentsday #grandparents #flowersAt this point, you should have a good portion of your flower spread complete.  When you are satisfied with the arrangement, start gluing them down with adhesive and adhering others with foam dots.  It's okay to have empty spaces.  Some of it will remain empty but you may want to add itty bitty flowers or embellishments here and there. Of course, you'll want to add your photo to the page somewhere tied to the pretty flowers.  Make sure to arrange additional flowers around the photo as well.

Grand Love Grandparents Scrapbooking Layout by @heatherleopard #madewithpebbles #heartofhome #scrapbooking #scrapbook #grandparentsday #grandparents #flowers No grandparents scrapbooking layout, or any scrapbook page for that matter, is complete without a title and journaling, therefore; I designed the page so that the photo could be highlighted at the top right and the title at the bottom left would provide the symmetry to balance the page.

Supplies: Heart of Home Gatherings 12"x12" Patterned Paper (733750) Heart of Home Heart of Home 12"x12" Patterned Paper (733733) Heart of Home Ephemera (733769) Heart Of Home Washi Tape (733759) Heart of Home Thickers - Jen (733768) Heart of Home Dimensional Stickers (733765) Heart of Home Thickers - Family (733758)