Monday, June 26, 2017

Red, White and Blue DIY Party Decor

Hi everyone.  I'm here today discuss my favorite topic - DIY Party Decor.  Whether your planning a mini celebration or large scale with all your family and friends, these ideas are sure to create a SPARK this 4th of July!

The theme for this particular party is red, white and blue for Independence Day here in the USA but all you have to do with swap out colors and patterns and you have a recipe for success.

4th of July DIY Party Decor

Today's party details include a fun backdrop, table decor and oh so fun firecracker cupcakes because it's not a party without a "poppin" dessert!

4th of July Banner

It's always fun to create a fun backdrop, whether it's for your tablescape or a photo booth.  Here's just one idea and what you'll need:
  • patterned paper
  • burlap
  • "USA" alphas - Thickers or die cut

To create this banner, cut two 2-inch red circles and five 2-inch blue circles, two 1.5-inch blue starbursts, five 1.5-inch red starbursts, seven 1-inch stars. Those will make up the "dividers" for the banners.  Adhere them together as shown above.

For the USA, cut three 3-inch red circles and three 2.5-inch blue starbursts. Adhere the blue starburst over the red and add "USA" alphas.  Using your sewing machine, stitch the banner together  as you would garland, backing the "USA" bits with burlap triangles.

Firecracker Cupcakes

While you're baking up your favorite cupcakes, let's talk about how to make them POP! Here's what you'll need:
  • white icing
  • red, white, blue sprinkles
  • medium sized marshmallows
  • red candy melts
  • twizzlers or candles
  • patterned paper
First, determine how many cupcakes you'll have. Set aside one medium sized marshmallow for each cupcake. Also cut your twizzlers down to 3-inches and set aside.  Dip each marshmallow in the red melted candy and immediately stick the twizzler in the top before the candy melt dries. Add white icing and sprinkles to your cupcakes. Add the red marshmallow firecracker to the top.

Create festive wrappers for your cupcakes.  These just make it a bit more fun and decorative because they match the decor perfectly but you can also purchase fun wrappers.

You may consider adding additional decor.  I added burlap and bows to the floral decor and cupcake stand and then I brought in additional elements, like wooden stars, United States cut-out, etc. to tie it all together!

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