Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Every Flower Has a Story | Elle's Studio Guest Designer

Hello everyone!  Today's an exciting day for me, scrappy-wise. I am guesting for Elle's Studio this month and today is my debut on the blog. Then I'll be back again later this month with another project.

 I'm a traditional scrapbooker but I thought I'd change it up a bit today and create a fun mini album. The mini is about my daughter always picking flowers wherever she goes but the title also represents that she is my flower and there's a story to tell about her.

This mini album came was really easy to create and can be created relatively quickly depending on how much "personality" you choose to add to each section.  Let's take a look at the creative process...

The mini album happened by accident really.  As I was looking through the cards in the May kit, I laid them out and starting picking and choosing which ones I might want to use on my layout.  I found several that I loved as well as some from the Little Moments collection.  As I looked down at them scattered about, I realized they'd be perfect for an accordion mini.

Once you have all your cards selected, trim 2 sheets of cardstock to 4"x12". Next, extend 1 of the cardstock strips to 4"x18", by adhering and trimming down the 2nd strip to the 1st . This serves as the base to your mini.

Next, decorate each card and/or photo by adding some stitching. The key is to do this before you add it to your base so you're not stitching through the other side.  I guess it's okay to stitch through side 1 but definitely not side 2.  Once you have them all stitched up, adhere them to the base with strong adhesive. Start with side 1, add a card and make your fold after each card. Add the next one and fold, repeat until you've reached the end of that side.  Then add any additional embellishments to the cards or photos.

Repeat the same steps as side 1.  You can see here that I added stitching to one of my photos as well as the cards. IMPORTANT: when you get to the last card, make sure to add ribbon or twine between the front and back layers, making one large enough to wrap around the back.

I hope you enjoyed this mini album and see just how easy it is to create.  Follow me on Instagram for sneaks of the projects I'll be sharing when I hit the Elle's Studio blog again later this month.


Leslie Germain said...

Love your mini album!!

Yvette said...

Beautiful album!!! :)