Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hand Cut Letters DIY Room Decor Tutorial

We are currently redecorating our youngest daughter's room and she chose a Paris theme. There's a corner of her room that is bare so when Paige asked me to do a Hand Cut Letters tutorial for the American Crafts blog, I went in search of a good quote about Paris.  I immediately stumbled across this one from one of my favorite actresses and humanitarian, Audrey Hepburn. It was the perfect addition to her wall and I was able to wrap it so that the words spans the corner.

Step 1: Choose a handful of papers to use for your letters. I originally selected 7 but increased it to 11 for even more variety. 
Paris Quote Supplies
Step 2: Start cutting your letters. I chose to just dive right in with my scissors and skipped a lot of measuring. And I certainly didn't care if my lines were straight. So most of the letters that I cut were just free hand. That said, I did use a ruler to get my angles right for the A's and the W. Then I sketched out the S before I cut it. And I did cheat a little by tracing duplicate letters once I had the first one cut, like the S in this photo. The others were just free hand. Once all letters were cut out, I outlined some in black in to help them stand out on the wall.
Paris Quote Tracing
Step 3: Time to make some cupcake liner flowers. First, fold the cupcake liner in half. Next, fold it in half again, then in half again and then one more time so it's folded in an 8th. Next, cut it in a curve starting at the top going about halfway down. Unfold to find these flowers. Repeat 4 or 5 times so you have layers. Adhere each one on top of the other and then add a centerpiece. Crinkle them up just a little (or a lot). Make additional flowers in various sizes by simply starting your cut lower on the folded edge.


Step 4: Create additional embellishments, such as feathers, bows and this cute little cupcake liner butterfly, which I made simply by folding and adhering cupcake liners together and then cutting the shape into a butterfly. I covered a clothespin from the DIY Shop collection with patterned paper for the center. Add additional embellishments - chipboard, stickers, etc. until you like what you see.
Paris Quote Butterfly
Step 5: Sprinkle confetti garland above to complete the wall.

Supplies: Fine & Dandy collection: (370061) – Fabulous Fun Paper, (370066) – Paper Peonies Paper, (370067) – Celebrate Paper, (370071) – Let’s Party Paper, (370072) – Fine and Dandy Paper, (370073) – Bright Bows Paper, (370074) – Stay Awesome Paper, (370078) – Sweetest Soiree Paper, (370079) – Elated Paper, (370080) – Cheerful Chatter Paper, (370082) – Gleeful Paper, (370069) – Make a Wish Paper, (370087) – Printed Cardstock Phrases & Accents, (370091) – Accent & Phrase Stickers, (370096) – Plastic Bows, (370098) – Cupcake liners, (370099) – Die Cut Cardstock Shapes, (370100) – Toothpicks

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So Wonderful. Just love it...awesome job Heather. :o)