Thursday, October 16, 2014

Stitched Bookmarks | American Crafts Shimelle collection

We love to read in our house so when I saw the sentiments in the new Shimelle collection, I just knew I had to create some bookmarks.  

Supplies: Shimelle collection - (368147) - Harding paper, (368152) - Haynes paper, (368139) - Hurley paper, (368136) - Goodall paper, (368173) - die cut cardstock shapes
Wander Bookmark how to:
  • Pick your favorite patterns from your favorite American crafts collection.  Make sure to choose a mix of subtle and busy patterns, with more on the subtle side.
  • Chose one pattern as your background and cut it approximately 1.5” wide and about 6” long.
  • Next, layer different patterns over each other.
  • Stitch along the edges to adhere them down.
  • Stitch fun patterns , like a zig zag, the Star and diamond shown here.

I think I’ll Stop Here Bookmark how to:
  • Chose one pattern as your background and cut it approximately 2” wide and about 5” long.
  • Cut another pattern (Be Happy) just slightly smaller in width.
  • Stitch along the edges to the background. Add any extra stitching you wish to add.
  • Choose a favorite phrase and adhere it to the top of the bookmark with your favorite adhesive, leaving the bottom with a pocket so you can slip it over a page in your book.
  • Add a few thin embellishments.
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Diana Waite said...

love these special bookmarks--AWESOME tutorial!