Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Halloween Home Decor

I am often inspired by fashion, art posters and quilts, to name a few. I created this project for the American Crafts "Inspired" week.

I ran across this quilt on Pinterest and I just knew when I saw it that I wanted to use it for as inspiration for Halloween home decor. I chose to stay close to the original with slight modifications and a few embellishments. See for yourself.

Inspiration from Sedimentary Quilt by Esch House Quilts

Step 1: Select 3 - 4 papers in various shades of the same color and 1 contrasting color. Cut 1/2"x12" and 3/4"x12" strips. Then cut them into shorter strips.

Step 2: Cut a 8x10 piece of cardstock for your background. Starting at the top, adhere the strips of paper keeping the 1/2" strips on the same row and the 3/4" strips on their own row.

Step3: Trim the sides so that all strips are flush with the edge around the page.

Pick your favorite embellishments and add them to the background, using foam dots to add extra dimension.

Supplies: Haunted Hollow (368904) - 12x12 medium weight paper pad, (368675) - Bits Full Moon die cut cardstock shapes

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