Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Transformation Tuesday

Hi there everyone! You may or may not know this but I have been on a major wellness and meal planning kick since April. I was tired of feeling sluggish and I really needed to shed what I thought were only a few pounds. You can read about why I started the wellness journey HERE  and see my weight loss progress and weekly menus HERE.

I thought I'd share my latest wellness update in today's Transformation Tuesday...

27 LBS TOTAL weight loss since starting the shake/cleanse/clean eating nutritional re-balancing program on April 1, 2014

29 LBS TOTAL weight loss since eating healthier (started on March 24)

I only added exercise to the mix in June (and haven't been regular with it) so I am really proud of the results!

I set a goal on April 1st when I started this program. It was a single goal to lose between 25 - 30 pounds before we leave for Hawaii this month.***See Hawaii disclaimer at bottom of page.

I met my conservative goal of losing 25 pounds and I am just 3 pounds away from meeting my loftier goal of 30 pounds.

What's better is that I am down 3 & 4 dress sizes!

I have found that setting both short term and long term goals are way more valuable than I ever imagined.

My next goal is to not gain much back, if any, while I am on vacay. I think this can be achieved if I balance meals and eat the Hawaiian fare in moderation.

  1. Continue to teach my family the importance of unprocessed, clean and healthy foods.
  2. Become more religious about exercise - I really need to tone up!
  3. Set a new short-term goal - work on what my next goal will be while I am on vacation.

  1. I don't need caffeine in my life. I know y'all are all gasping and so was I when I heard I would have to cut that from my daily ritual. I decided to give it a go and I am soo glad I did. Sorry Starbucks but I'm saving what I was spending on you to buy new SKINNY clothes!
  2. I was severely lacking energy, which I have gained back 10-fold!
  3. This program was so EASY and definitely NOT a diet!
  4. It's not just about the weight. It's about the inches lost, the 3 - 4 dress sizes I've lost, and the way I feel about myself!
  5. We have barely eaten lunch or dinner out in 3 months and it's saving us a ton of money.
  6. I am soo proud of my progress but I need to lose more weight than I originally thought and mostly, I really need to tone up. I am on track to do so with my eating and exercise plans.
  7. Eating healthy does not mean eating plain chicken day in and day out! See my weekly menus HERE.
  8. Veggies are not the enemy when prepared deliciously and healthily (is that a word?)
  9. I will stick to this healthy eating lifestyle for-evah!
  10. I love that I have so many friends and family who are saying YES! to themselves and doing this with me (and loving it too). It makes me feel great to know that I am positively impacting their wellness and health. I love hearing how their entire families are benefiting! That's really the absolute BEST feeling!

Yes, I am announcing to the world that we will be on vacay and I am also announcing that we have a house sitter who will be staying there with our ferocious dogs while we are away so don't get any ideas to throw a party in our absence. Oh and we also have two police detectives next door. Mahalo!


Diana Waite said...

SO happy for you Heather--seriously AWESOME that you are feeling GREAT about yourself and the pounds that you have lost, change in diet can be hard but once you make it a habit it feels right--WAY to go!!! Wish I could go with you to Hawaii! :)

Unknown said...

I;m so glad for you! It's so good that you feel better with your weight loss and money savings! I though about starting your healthy plan - wish me luck :)

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