Monday, April 19, 2010

What in the World

have I been up to?  I haven't posted in over a month but that doesn't mean I haven't been scrappin'.  Let's see, since my last post I headed to the West Coast for a business trip, then to the East Coast for a mini vacation to Disney World, I went on a scrapbooking weekend getawat, then I've dealt with the added stress of trying to sell our house, launch 3 huge projects at work and a very sick grandma and last but NEVER, ever least is quality time with my family.  So now that I've explained my posting absence, here's a couple of projects I've been working on.  I have more that I will post soon (once I take pictures of them).

Nuts About Sketches - Week 105 Sketch & Layout

The picture does not do this layout justice.  I handstamped the butterflies to look like the one painted on Rheagan's face.  First I stamped it in Bubblegum Pink, then I inked the outer edge of the stamp in Amethyst Purple and then I went back and added White Daisy in to the middle.  After that was dry I added bling on the body of the butterflies to represent the glitter on the butterflies.  Lastly, I hand drew and hand embroidered the antennaes and flying path.  I am confident that I will go back and sew along the edges of the tilted paper and when I do I will post the results.

Sweet Cheeks 
This is based on a PageMaps sketch from January 2010.  This was a random "moment" photo I took of Daddy & Reese.  I ripped the edges of the black paper.  I handcut the felt strip (as you can tell).  I made a small flower that I used as a guide to cut out each of the flowers, by hand.  I then needed to find a frame for the bottom photo.  Nothing I found fit or looked right so what did I do?  If you read one of my posts below, then you should know what I did ... I made one myself.  I drew the frame, cut it, stamped it, inked it and popped it up above the photo.  I really like how this one turned out.  

As I said above, I have a couple more layouts to post so check back later this week.  And come back again next Monday to see the next Nuts About Sketches sketch.  Here's a teaser for it.

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