Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I love, Love, LOVE

my family!  I grew up with incredible role model parents who gave me a strong foundation of what makes a marriage HAPPY and for that I am so lucky!  They may have only known each other for 2 months before they got married but they are still going strong after 40+ years.  My hubby and I are definately in love and I hope we can provide that same foundation for our kids as we all grow.  I wanted to share a few photos of my adorable little family with you all.  The photos were taken by Allison Schnurr of Allison Avenue Photography, a Texas based photog.  Allison is a FABULOUS photographer and her work is AMAZING.  Her pricing is great and she even gives copyright release to the photo images you buy.  Check her site out and you'll see my oldest girl on the main page.  She was 5 then; she's now 6.

So, here we are ... The Leopard Gang. My oldest daughter, hubby, me, baby and step-son.  These kids are gorgeous, if I do say so myself. 


Anonymous said...

Miss HEATHER!! Oh MY GOODNESS those are gorgeous babies! Beautiful family! They sure are growing fast. :( They don't stay babies long, huh?

Unknown said...

Thanks Dana! I wish I could stop time and keep them this age forever!