Friday, May 7, 2010

Liquid Glass/Velvet Flock - Funky Fresh Friday

Today's Funky Fresh post is going to feature a couple of ideas I'm using on next Monday's Nuts About Sketches layout. It's all about making items on your layout standout. There are a lot of ways to do this but today I'll focus on 2 types of what I am calling scrap candy.

First, I used CTMH Liquid Glass to give a few of the elements a raised, shiny, epoxy-like look and feel. Here's how I did it.

     Step 1. I cut the apples from k.i. memories Lace Cardstock called apples dashing. I applied them to my layout first since they were so dainty.  I just didn't want then to curl while the Liquid Glass was drying. Be careful not to get the LG on the cardstock though.

     Step 2. Apply LG as thin or thick as you'd like.  Although LG takes a while to dry, it will gel up pretty fast so make sure to apply it evenly all at once. It's very difficult to go back in to fill in spots once it starts to gel.
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Step 3. The LG may appear cloudy as you apply it (see below) but rest assured it will dry clear. Set it aside to dry. Drying time will vary according to the amount of LG you applied, ranging from 15 minutes to one hour.

Secondly, I wanted to make the stems and leaves for the apples I didn't apply LG to stand out. For this I used Doodlebug Design's Crushed Velvet Flock.

     Step 1. You can use any adhesive as the base to glue the flock to.  The white leaf below is the glue waiting to get flocked with green.
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Step 2. Apply Flock by pouring it over the glue.  If you are flocking multiple colors make sure to let the other flocking dry before you apply the 2nd color.

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     Step 3. Set aside to dry. Tap off excess flock.

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And here's one I applied both Liquid Glass and Flock.  Check back Monday when I post the Nuts About Sketches DT layout to see how I used them in my layout.

If you try this yourself, please post a link so I can see what you did!

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