Thursday, March 20, 2014

#heatherhitsitalysolo2014 Part 2

So I have a confession: I didn't really do Italy completely solo. I mean I did but I didn't. After Day 1, one of my co-workers had arrived so we hit the city together. I had asked my Facebook friends where to go and Stephanie said I had to see Como so... when I told my co-worker that I was planning to take a train to Como, he was literally onboard to join me. We took the train from Milan to Como Nord Lago. We knew we wanted to take a boat ride around the lake and a tram to the top of the mountain but we had no idea where to find these things.

We got off the train, we didn't know whether to go this way or that way so we went that ---> way When, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a gorgeous lake surrounded by villas, boats and lakeside restaurants. It took my breath away.

We strolled down the path along the lake until we got to that wall you see in the middle of the photo above. We walked out there and just admired the scenery.

Next, we kept on strolling until we got hungry. We settled at a lakeside restaurant for some pizza and pasta. Oh and some Marc Jacobs custom designed Coca Cola light (Diet Coke). (I was there during Fashion Week) And look at that view. I decided I could get used to having a view like this every day.

As we were eating lunch and enjoying the beautiful weather, we noticed that the entrance to the tram was right next to our restaurant. The stars were aligning! So we went up and up and up...

and up
and up
and up

 ...until we reached the top. We walked around and found the perfect spot to snap some photos, like this one.

We stayed up there for quite a long time, enjoying the different views of the lake as well as some businesses and homes that were at the top of the mountain. 

We spotted a beautiful church while we were up there and added that to our list of things to do. So, we took the tram back down the mountain and started walking in the direction of the church.

This photo above shows the beautiful steeple that attracted us to the church from high on the mountain. It's actually the back side of the church.
This is actually the front. It's soo pretty with a beautiful courtyard that I imagine lots of kids run around before and after church get all their energies out.

I didn't get too many photos on the inside and those that I did get, aren't that great...

After the church, we walked out and back towards the lake and whattaya know, the boat for the lake tour was right there. We got in line to buy tickets when I really large group of school kids, probably on a field trip, joined us in line. As much as I love kids, I really wanted a quiet, peaceful ride around the lake. We got out of line and went to the gelato shop across the street. Yummmmo! Once the kids were on the boat, we got back in line for the next one.

And off we went....

Hey! There's a view of the tram tracks going up the mountain.

Check out these mansions. I noticed that many of them had their windows boarded up, assuming they had winterized them since these are probably 2nd homes for the summer. 

Oh, the views were soo beautiful!  I was sad that I didn't get to stop in to say hi to George Clooney. The darn boat turned around before we made it all the way to his house. Sigh....

After that, we headed back for the train to Milan. I had to be back by 8 to set up for the event the next morning. 

On the way back to the train station, I saw this sign. COMO viva - enjoy COMO. I thought it was a perfect farewell for my time in this beautiful town. My co-worker must have thought I was crazy taking soo many photos. I spared you of them all and just showed the highlights.

Next stop, Helsink Finland and then South Africa. I'll blog about those trips soon.


Nicole Nowosad said...

wow, that looks amazing!!!!! I am so glad you had a co-worker tag along. what amazing views!!

Diana Waite said...

how FABULOUS Heather!!!

Laura Evangeline said...

I'm glad you were able to enjoy a bit of Italy. Stephanie and I are both here in the same town. The blog world seems so big most days, but every so often it just seems smallish. :-)