Thursday, January 24, 2013

Family Fun Activity Jar

HOLY SCRAP! Where in the world have I been? Well certainly not here posting on my blog. It's been crazy busy coming off from the holidays. First it was all the fun projects from CHA. I forgot to snap photos of some of them but I will when I get them back. Then there's something exciting that I've been working on in the background that I can't tell you about until Saturday and then there's all the projects I've been working on that I can't post yet.  But I can now so stay tuned in here...

Today let me show you something I made with the new Little Yellow Bicycle collection they sent me called Just Because. The colors are soo fun and I just love the vellum tape, canvas banners, and especially the stick pins. Liz asked me to create something unique to showcase the stick pins so after wracking my brain for something other than a scrapbook layout, I came up with this...

Family Fun Activity Jar

My hubby and I always talk about all the fun things we want to do with the kids and then the weekend comes and we can't decide what to do or we didn't plan well enough or something just gets in the way. Sooo, we decided we're going to change that. We're going to dedicate time EVERY weekend to a family fun activity. It could be something we do at home or it might involve a little field trip. Either way, it's planned family time (apart from the regular play time we do with the kids) and it's a reward for good behavior, grades or whatever we feel that deserve to be rewarded for. 

I used the stick pins from the Just Because collection as the foundation for creating the activity strips. I simply adhering them between two strips of paper and then decorated them with chipboard, twine and bits from the paper crafting kit. Each strip has a different activity that I know all of the family members will enjoy.  I randomly laid the strips down and I noticed after the fact that both showing are movie activities but we also made some for the park, the zoo, family bike ride, miniature golf, board game night, lunch at the tea room, bowling, feed ducks at the pond, go to a play or make up a play at home, go to the book store, cook a meal together (homemade pizzas are a fave of ours), go on a picnic, the list goes on...and that doesn't include all the fun activities I've pinned on Pinterest and still need to try.

Of course, we need a cute jar to hold the pin strips in so I decorated a mason jar using paper, chipboard, and more bits from the paper crafting kit. Of course, the smaller "happiness" jar on the front had to be filled with faux flowers, made from the stick pins.  

Now I just need to make more activity pins that can be switched out each month so that we have different options of things to do, while creating new memories together. 

JB-277 Stick Pins
JB-304 6x6 Paper Pad
JB-305 Paper Crafting Kit
JB-160 Vellum Tape
JB-201 Canvas Stickers
JB-140 Cardstock Stickers - Fresh Verse
JB-279 Chipboard Shapes

Thanks for stopping by today. Make sure to visit the Little Yellow Bicycle blog for more ideas on what you can do with these fun stick pins.


Diana Waite said...

what a SUPER fun idea! we do the same thing--we talk a lot and then do NOTHING--you have inspired me! :)

curlyqmosaics said...

This is absolutely darling! What fun colors, and such a great idea! Love it!

Leanne said...

such a gorgeous and eye catching idea!! I love it!

Shelley Haganman said...

What a great project!

Rebecca said...

Seriously how adorably cute is this? I bet your girls LOVE it!