Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dimensional Scallop Circles Tutorial

You asked for's a step x step tutorial to make your own dimensional scalloped circles like those featured in the Redneck Spa Day layout I posted on May 1.

Cut 5 circles or scallops any size you wish. The ones pictured are 1 3/4". There are more than 5 shown below but you only use 5, unless you want to add more.

Fold them in half. If you are working with scallops, make sure the scallops will line up with the one before it that you are adhering it to. Also make sure they will lay at whatever angle you want (my castle scallop and the words scallop is a good example...I didn't want one lying right side up and the other upside down).

Once you know they will line up like you want them, start gluing them together.

Once you have glued all 5 together it should look like this. Make sure not to glue the last circle or scallop to the first one. You want the end result to be a half circle that you can then glue down on the page.

Here's how I integrated it into my layout.

Thanks for looking! If you try this, I would love it if you would leave me a link to your projects in the comments below.


curlyqmosaics said...

Beautiful layout, love the dimensional circles and the painting!

Sue said...

Such a gorgeous layout! Love the dimensional circles and how you used them on the layout! TFS!

Nati Tristan said...

That's a great idea!

Lisa Andrews said...

Great tutorial. Love those flowers!

Carla said...

AWWWW that is super cute, thanks for the tut!

Diana Waite said...

this tutorial is FANTASTIC, I really liked this 3d on your page--GREAT job!