Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bouquet of Rosies and a Semi-Homeade Necklace

Have you been following the Roly Rosie projects all this week on the Imaginisce blog? They just released new roly posie collections that are oh so fun to work with.  They have new warm and cool colors, neutrals that are TDF cute and fabric flowers. 

I want to show you a coupe of projects I made on NSD this weekend when I was crafting with my girl friends.  This first one is a new collection to my wardrobe/accessories.  I used the Roly Rosies Fabric - Pink Swirls for it. 

Here's how I made it...I used the pink swirls fabric flowers.  Included in each package are 3 different flower types and there are 2 sets.  I used all three flower types.  First I pulled out my new white glue sticks and turned on my i-bond to get it nice and hot.  I rolled the flowers and adhered them with the glue.  I knew I wanted to use them with my faux pearl necklace so I added "balls" of white glue to the center of each flower to coordinate with the pearl necklace.  Once I had all my flowers done, I glued one one the newly released i-top badge/pin combo to the back of all three flowers. I threaded the pin to the clasp of the necklace and voila I turned a plain pearl necklace into something spectacular.

Here are the 3 types of fabric flowers in 3 different colors. 

My next project was originally going to be a topiary but I really liked how it looked as a "pot of glory".  Turning it into a bushel happened by accident...a happy accident.  I completed the flower ball at a friend's house and forgot to bring a small dowel with me.  As I was putting it away to finish it at home I plopped it into the flower pot and I fell in love with how it looked. 
To make the flower bushel I rolled and glued various flowers. I bought a small styrofoam ball from my local craft store and used straight pins to attach the flowers to it. I started at the top with one bigger flower and then filled it in with various sizes.  I was going to paint the pot but the terracotta matched the color of the flowers so well so I trimmed it with ribbon and it was complete. I have this sitting here with me at my desk to brighten up my day. 
Want in on a little secret? If and I do mean if I ever get tired of my bushel, I can pull the pins out and re-use the flowers on another project.

Make sure to swing by the Imaginisce blog to see what some of the other design team gals did and make sure to enter into the prize giveaway!

Oh and guess what? I went to a crop at my LSS store recently with my friend Audrey and I had all my Imaginisce tools with me.  The owner offered me a teaching job.  She wants me to do a "Tool School" using a mix of various manufacturer tools but definitely Imaginisce tools.  I'm on the fence about it because of time limitations but I would really love to do it.  Either way, it's such an honor to be asked.


Lisa Andrews said...

Wow, loving both of those projects. The necklace is so pretty and those flowers look amazing.

Audrey Yeager said...

How much did you have to pay that model? :) They both came out FANTASTIC!!!!!

Nati Tristan said...

I saw it on the imaginisce blog and you did a wonderful job!

Diana Waite said...

these projects are AWESOME!! how cool would it be to teach--it is an honor--congrats-and GOOD luck on your decision!

Carol said...

Beautiful project, TFS