Friday, February 26, 2010

Have you ever WRANGLED a ….

HAMSTER? OMG I was starving Tuesday morning. I can only assume it’s from the festivities hubby & I encountered before the work day even started. You may have read that we bought Rheagan a hamster 2 weeks ago. Well guess what? It got out last night, while we were all sleeping. I discovered the missing hamster when Rheagan and I went to feed it that morning. I am pretty sure I am the one who didn't close the lid on the “observation deck” all the way so I felt so bad. We got Rheagan off to school and I spent a lot of time scouring the house thinking we'll find it weeks from now, dead somewhere. Normally I would have stayed home to work in hopes that I’d be sitting there at my home office desk and see the little critter scurry past me but I wanted to go to the office that day because my director was there from California.

I gave up searching and had to finish getting ready for work. With the house for sale I have my jewelry in a hiding place. It’s just my everyday, Chicos/Charming Charlies stuff but our agent advised us to keep it out of site. So I went to grab a necklace and then bent down to get something else in the corner of my closet and there's her 2 eyes staring at me. I reach for her and she zipped away to Bryan's corner of the closet. That’s when we went all McGyver on it.

She had wedged herself behind a huge desk of drawers and kept peeking out so we got some "treats" and pushed it out with a hanger and kept missing her when she would come out. Actually, the first time she ran out so fast, saw us and attempted to put the breaks on but she was still in motion so her front legs stopped and her hind legs came flying up above her head. It’s like a cartoon character you see in a movie. I was sitting on top of Bryan, who was wedged in the corner doing all this and I was back-up in case the hamster zipped past him in an attempt to flee the scene.

Meanwhile Reese is freaking out because she's on the other side of the piles of shoes we've moved to get to this hamster. I pull her over the pile so now there's 3 of us squished in the corner closet.  So we wedged flip flops in the hole behind the dresser after we scooted her out and swept her up but it seriously felt like the hamster olympics or maybe she was just trying to prepare us for the rodeo that’s coming to town this weekend by exposing us to some hamster roping.

We were wiped out but we got her. So to bring it back around I think the adrenaline rush caused me to be hungry by mid-morning. What’s a gal to do?

Check out the round observation deck she escaped from

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