Monday, February 15, 2010

I Can't Believe We Bought A

Hamster.  My daughter fell in love with the Zhu Zhu pets that she got for Christmas but never showed any interest in a real hamster.  To tell the truth I don't think she knew they existed ... until she went over to her BFF Abbey's house.  Abbey has a tiny little gerbil.  Since then Rheagan would draw pictures of "her" hamster, talk about it, write about it in her books, etc.  So after doing some research and talking to others, we decided to look into getting her a gerbil, not a hamster, for Valentine's Day. 

So we go to the store and you know what?  A gerbil is not a good starter thing for 6 year olds.  We heard all about their biting, the ability to easily squeeze it to death, and the fact that the tail can easily come off if she were to grab it.  I think I threw up in my mouth at that point.  So, we went back and did more research and decided to get her a Black Bear hamster, because of their temperment.  Her name is Stripe because she has a white stripe down her neck.  Rheagan LOVES her.  I hope that doesn't wear off since we were informed it could live a good 6 years.  Holy Moly. 

Rheagan has held it once but loves to pet it.  The hamster tickled her hand with it's claws and that kind of freaked Rheagan out. I know she will get her hands on her once she knows it really doesn't bite.  We've had it for 4 days and has only nipped twice so I think we got a pretty good one.  Now, someone tell me if you can train it to use the potty in a certain place because that thing is going all over her cage, by her food, in her wheel, bleck.  Here's some pics of the little rascal (and her hamster). Click the images for a larger view.

And I just have to include this adorable photo of daddy with his baby girl.

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