Wednesday, January 13, 2010

To be more AWESOME this year

I need to concentrate more on what makes me happy.  I put everything I have into my family and I do a great job capturing those moments.  What I don't do a good job of in transitioning those events into a story.  I have so many incomplete albums and so many years that I jump back n forth to.  Not only that, most of my layouts are missing key elements, like titles or the actual photos ... HELLO! I am going to challenge myself to complete one layout per child each month.  Doesn't sound like a lot does it?  Well trust me, it is for this mommy who works full time managing multi-million dollar marketing campaigns. I wish I was the type to just throw a layout together, slap pics on them and go but I'm not.  I treat each one like a piece of art and put everything I can into them; therefore, I spend hours upon hours on them. 

So just how will I do it?  Free time = scrap time. I'm going to spend at least 2 nights every week after the kids go to bed organizing photos, planning layouts, sketching, printing, journaling, etc.  I'm hoping to exceed my goal but I figure I better test the waters first. I'm starting this month and even though it's half over I WILL make my goal this month. Follow my blog and leave a comment telling me how you make time in your busy schedule for your hobby. I'll randomly draw a winner for a free Close To My Heart stamp set (shown below).

Check back soon to see my progress.

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Audrey Yeager said...

I totally understand about spending HOURS on one LO, and having unfinished ones laying around!!! I think we have to remember to not be so hard on ourselves when we don't finish something, and remember to enjoy the process. :)