Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My New Year Resolution ...

was to be more awesome in 2010 than I was in 2009.  Seems impossible, right?  Not quite.  You see, my favorite comedy right now is How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM).  It's laugh out loud ... wait for it .... funny.  I love the Barney-ism, so much so that I follow his fictitious character on Twitter.  Anywho, he's always talking about how AWESOME he is so I'm mixing that posititve vibe with positive thinking to make every day an awesome day, no matter what comes my way. I figure it's all a learning experience to make me better, whether it's good or bad.  I've been chronicaling my awesomeness on my Facebook status but you will soon see it on my Twitter feeds, posted here and I will expand on some of them via this blog.  I only hope to inspire all of the people who are {not} following me.

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