Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Summertime at the Beach | Mermaid Scrapbook Layout

Aloha everyone! While I may be back from our trip to Hawaii, I'm still living in vacay mode. I figured now would be a good time to get started on documenting the highlights of the trip. Why not start with this summertime at the beach mermaid scrapbook layout?

Be a mermaid & make waves | Mermaid scrapbook layout

My daughter loves everything mermaid, from fashion to her favorite television shows to documentaries so we gave her a mermaid tail a few years ago as a gift. She only swims with it when in the pool but we brought it along on the trip for a little play time.

Since the mermaid scrapbook layout was also about the beach, I wanted to incorporate some visuals in that theme - waves and mermaid scales.

Cut scallops from the Let's Float scallop paper to resemble mermaid scales as well as waves. I love the scallops on this paper because they aren't all shaped the same.

Starting at the bottom of the layout, overlap the scallop strips. Layer some more than others so it doesn't look too symmetrical. Then I added a patterned paper to the top half to resemble the beach.  A thin paper strip at the seam helps give the page a more finished look.

Next, I added a frame around the photo, a card with hidden journaling tucked behind the photo and embellishments. I didn't want to add too much here because the lower half of the layout is quite busy. I used an anonymous quote I ran across as my title. For a great visual, I wrapped it around my photo and to the side. This also helped fill in some of the empty space on the page.

Last but not least, I added additional embellishments around the mermaid scrapbook layout to fulfill the visual triangle design principle. And of course, a fluffing of the scallops to finish it off.

I gotta say, she's the cutest little mermaid I have ever seen.

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Rhonda said...

She IS the cutest Mermaid, and such a super cute layout. :o)