Monday, July 28, 2014

Missing You 24|7

Ring, ring! I am here with a new edition of Pattern Play for Gossamer Blue using the July Main kit and add-on kits. I can't even tell you the last time I heard a telephone ring. All I hear these days is a buzz or some sort of melody.  That said, I am sooooo thankful for technology that allows me to call home and not only talk to my family but to see them too. I don't travel without them very often but when I do, FaceTime is a lifeline between us. So when I spotted the telephone paper in the kit, I had to figure out a way to use it for this month's Pattern Play.
When we're Facetiming, I usually screen shot a couple of photos so I can look back and document it as part of my travels or as just another family moment. I am soo thankful I did because they are such an important part of my life and my travel stories. 

 I decided to use mix and match the various patterns to create a background. I knew it would be a bit busy so I was careful where I placed certain patterns and made sure to bring in a few that had more subtle patterns. I did know though that I wanted to use the journaling paper throughout the page, to write a little something about each person in the photo, including where we were calling from. Since those were rectangles, I placed then first. I then added the patterns around those cards. The other cards were cut at random angles and to my surprise, they were hard to match up the angles. I did have to trim a bit here and there but it was easy peasy for the most part. Then to avoid strange gaps when it came to adding the patterns around the journaling paper, I just left one edge straight and cut the other at an angle. Once everything was in it right place, I stitched down the paper along each edge.

The colors in the screenshot photo were a little wonky so I fixed that. I simply changed it to black and white, which is complimented perfectly with the black in the various patterns. I layered around my photo, as I usually do and then added white cardstock as the bottom layer to help make sure it didn't blend into the background pattern too much. Then I added a few embellishments and the "Missing You 24/7" title, made from the ephemera.

 So...who's with me? I want to see what backgrounds, cards and layouts you are making by mixing different patterns.


TL Marzewski said...

Wow, love how well the pieces went together! Great job pulling this page together so awesomely!

Majken Pullin said...

Love the idea behind the photos and the patterns/layout. Very cool! :)