Friday, June 6, 2014

DIY Lemonade Stand, a Banner Tutorial and Fun Decor Sign Tutorial

Lots of goodness here with 2 tutorials using American Crafts #summer collection.

Our neighborhood has an annual garage sale and my girls look forward to having a bake sale and lemonade stand. In years past, we would set it all up on a tiny little table, since all the big ones were being used to display the garage sale items. And the signs were floppy on poster board. Still, the girls were happy.

Well this year, I decided about a week before the garage sale that I wanted to build a lemonade stand using old pallets I had been saving for something, anything...hubby was on board and the day he was supposed to start he got sick. He insisted that he could still do it but several days later, he was still down for the count.  I called my dad and he jumped into action, as he always does. I sent him a few "need to haves" and "want to haves" and here's what he TWO DAYS!!!!

Does my dad ROCK or what??? And this is what it looked like before.

My list of must haves included:
  • a canopy for shade for the girls and to hopefully keep the ice from melting too fast - CHECK!
  • a big counter to hold all types of things - CHECK!
  • storage underneath big enough for an ice chest and to keep their money out of view - CHECK!
My "want to have list was only 1 thing....I wanted the ability to be able to break it down for easier storage. You can't tell but...
  • it all starts with the base at the bottom
  • then you add the counter, which kind of lays over all the sides perfectly so it doesn't shift around
  • then the pillars holding the roof are inserted into these great holes in the back
  • then the roof is placed on top of the pillars.
It was actually iffy whether we would pull this off but in that time, I worked with my girls to create decorations using the new American Crafts #summer collection. I had really grand ideas for decorations, which included what I'm going to show you how to make below but I also had plans for pom-poms, fabric tassels, giant accordion flowers but between caring for a sick hubby, caring for the kids, work. gathering things for the garage sale, etc. etc. I didn't get it all done. You know what that means though right? We need to do another bake sale/lemonade stand!!!!
Until then, let’s talk about how my girls and I decorated their new lemonade stand in preparation for a hot day serving some up lemonade, along with sweet treats.

First, we decided on a name. Actually it was decided through our previous stands – Two ‘sweet & sassy’ Sisters.

Then my girls and I created a banner and 12x12 sign to brand their lemonade stand.

Two Sweet & Sassy Sisters Banner

Step 1: Gather an assortment of banner styles and colors from the DIY Shop collection, along with 3" doilies (American Crafts has some great Silhouette files), and cut banner 1" x 5" long strips from the #beachtowel paper. 

Layer the banner strip and doily over the large banners and staple or adhere with adhesive.

Step 2: Cut large letters, approximately 2 1/4" h x 2 1/2" w and adhere them over the doilies using foam dots. Add a selection of embellishments from the #summer collection to really make the banner stand out.

Step 3: Display in a prominent place and be ready for people to flock to your lemonade stand. ;)

Supplies: #roadtrip 12x12 paper (366948) - #SUMMER, #swimsuit 12x12 paper (366956) - #SUMMER, #beachtowel 12x12 paper (366954) - #SUMMER, #popsicles 12x12 paper (366951) - #SUMMER, #catchawave 12x12 paper (366958) - #SUMMER, #smile 12x12 paper (366952) - #SUMMER, #sunglasses 12x12 paper (366955) - #SUMMER, #bicycles 12x12 paper (366949) - #SUMMER, #vacation wood veneer (366964) - #SUMMER, #picnic flair  (366966) - #SUMMER, #sunscreen die cut shapes (366971) - #SUMMER, #sodapop cork stickers (366965) - #SUMMER, Kraft Pennant (DIY-BAN-66648) - DIY Shop, Kraft Notch (DIY-BAN-66649) - DIY Shop, Kraft Scallop (DIY-BAN-66650) - DIY Shop, Chalkboard Pennant (DIY-BAN-66651) - DIY Shop, Chalkboard Notch (DIY-BAN-66652) - DIY Shop, Chalkboard Scallop (DIY-BAN-66653) - DIY Shop

#funsummerdays Sign

My girls wanted to create a little sign to display on their stand. This was a fun group effort as you'll see from the little helping hands in all the photos below.

Step 1: Their daddy cut a wooden board down to 12x12 while we gathered 2 sheets of busy pattern background papers and 3 sheets of tone on tone pattern paper, Mod Pdge and some embellishments.

Step 2: Apply Mod Podge to the board and then lay your background paper over the mod podge. Use a straight edge to work out any air bubbles and to ensure the paper adheres well to the board.

Step 3: Cut a 10" - 11" circle, apply Mod Podge to the back of it and adhere in the middle of the 12x12 paper, that is already adhered to the board. Use your straight edge again.

 Step 4: Cut the words (4"h) and letters (2"h) and adhere to the circle. You can download "fun summer days" and the large circle cutting file I made HERE. Doodle some faux stitching and add embellishments.

So there you have it. Just add lemonade, treats, kids and FUN (and the extra decorations we ran out of time to do THIS time)! They are sure to have a blast and learn a lesson or two about running a small business. 

After refilling the lemonade 3 times, selling out of treats, water and Cokes, and people actually just donating extra money because they said my girls were so sweet and cute, my girls walked away with over $50, which they split and are saving for something super special.
Supplies:  #roadtrip 12x12 paper (366948) - #SUMMER, #swimsuit 12x12 paper (366956) - #SUMMER, #beachtowel 12x12 paper (366954) - #SUMMER, #popsicles 12x12 paper (366951) - #SUMMER, #catchawave 12x12 paper (366958) - #SUMMER, #blueskies 12x12 paper (366953) - #SUMMER, #icecream die cut shapes (366968) - #SUMMER,Chalkboard Signposts (366638) - DIY Shop

Here's a few shots of everyone in action. I asked everyone if I could take their photo and post to my blog so I have their parent's permission...
 2 of my friend Lara's kids. Actually, we weren't friends before this day but this brought up a scrapbooking conversation and it turns out she scraps and I scrap and now we're fast friends!
 A random garage sale mom's daughter
 Look at Reese's face...pure joy!
 A sweet family we don't know with 4 beautiful kids!
Lots of happy customers, several people saying we put their lemonade stands to shame and a couple who asked to rent it out, which we politely declined. Can't wait to do this again and you better believe I'll show you the enhanced decorations....


Leanne said...

Wow! that lemonade stand is amazing and your banner is super cute!! What a fun activity for Summer!

Majken Pullin said...

Wow!! Your dad should apply for a patent on that stand design or sell those bad boys. Love your decorations!

Julie GM said...

Super cute! My girls would love this! However, they would melt in our AZ triple digit weather doing this! Wonder if any one would stop?!