Monday, June 2, 2014

Color Splash & Dash

We did our first family color run in May, as part of a fundraiser for our local middle school that my daughters will eventually attend, if we don't move before then. Anywho, my mom joined us and we had a blast.  We started out in our white t-shirts (and the person we asked to take our photo cut off hubby's head in all the before photos. Sigh). Since it was a family kid dash, they only planned a 1 mile run but they let us go around until the colors ran out so Rheagan, daddy and I ended up getting 3 miles in. My mom stayed back with Reese because little bit was D.O.N.E. done.
Pictured: Rheagan, my awesome mom, me, Reese, my incredible hubby

And then we were off. I had a waterproof digital camera and took some really fun shots. I plan to create a coordinating Pocket Page so I can get more photos documented but for now, here's some favorites. I created this for a guest feature on Go check it out HERE.

I created this fun page by writing super-sized words in my CAMEO software and then adding paint splatters around the page. Like I said, I had more photos that I wanted to use but the page needed more balance of color so I added patterns behind some of the letters and then photos in the individual letters and one large photo for the word "DASH". At the end of the run, they gave us a ziploc of color for us to throw into the air. You can see my family in the left to middle of the "D".
I mixed phrases into one of the paint splatters and ampersand and then used water colorish patterns for the other paint splatters. And I used a die cut within a CAMEO cut for a sub title "This Messy Saturday".

I used the tiny mixed washi tape, which I love soo much to create journaling lines.

Now check out our After photo and a few other shots....

If you haven't done a color run yet, I highly suggest it. I really didn't know I was exercising and it was great family fun! We are already looking for another one we can do.


Cynthia B. said...

We went to this run too! SO good for photo ops! I had color between my toes and on my sports bra that I just couldn't get out. :p
Wonderful layout!!

Heather Leopard said...

Cynthia.....this was the perfect chance to run into each other finally (and literally). We have to meet one day.

TL Marzewski said...

This is awesome to do as a family, love it!

Julie GM said...

What a fun layout!!