Thursday, September 8, 2011

Reese @ 4 Weeks

It's really hard to believe that my little majita chicadita will be turning 3 is a little over a month.  Here's my sweet little Reese when she was just 4 weeks old.  Her hemangioma was well on it's way to showing and growing and this was just the beginning.  I won't focus on that except to say that we are so blessed to have such wonderful doctors here in Houston who have cared for us in so many ways and now it's barely visible.  I bet you probably haven't even noticed it in previous layouts I've done of her.

Anyway, I used the Birds of a Feather September 2011 kit combined with this week's Sketchy Thursdays sketch and came up with this sweet layout for my sweet little girly girl.

I chose to journal on the back and use one of the phrases from the Echo Park Victoria Gardens collection as the title because it was perfect for this...NATURAL BEAUTY is what you are born with. It's so easy to judge people because of the way they look or act and trust me when this grew to the size of a quarter and was raised 1/4" by the time she was 6 months (or sooner), we got looks from not just kids (I understand curiosity) but adults? REALLY???  I'll refrain from saying anything more than that but next time, just think about your words, actions and body language when you see people with imperfections or unruly kids. You probably don't know half of their story and more than likely I bet they could use a little empathy!

As for us, this child is perfect in every way, she has taught me sooo much and she helps put everything in perspective!

Back to scrapping...make sure to check out what the other amazing Sketchy Thursdays designers did with this sketch and play along for your chance to win a great prize from My Memories Suite!


Amanda Johnson said...

This is a beautiful layout and so is your daughter...then and now. :) I very much understand where you are coming from, and how you felt when other people couldn't keep their stares and comments to youngest was born with a lipoma by her right eye, and people ( adults more than children) would constantly ask what it was, I got so tired of people asking if she hit her just kills me that people can't look past those type of things, ESPECIALLY IN CHILDREN, and see the beauty that is there. You seem like a strong mama, and your daughter is very blessed to have you looking out for her. :)

Nicole Nowosad said...

That is a beautiful page!!! MY DS #1 had the same marking on the side of his head when born and he was so bald!! Then, DD had one between her eyes.. so, I know what you are talkign about.

Mel said...

I love, love, love this layout. All the colours and layering is so delicate and stunning. It makes me want to try the sketch!

csewy said...

A beautiful layout....I will have to admit that I didn't notice your daughters raised area, so sad that people are so cruel. Your daughter is as beautiful as the layout!!

Diana Fisher said...

Stunning page! Just gorgeous!! As always! :)

Rebecca said...

beautiful layout and baby. I always try and teach my children that every person looks different and that difference isnt undesirable. I wish all children heard that message, but sadly i know lots of adults never learned it either.

Kerryn said...

Hello, I am a new follower! I stumbled across Sketchy Thursdays and am so pleased as I love scrapping!
Your page stood out to me. I think it's just beautiful. Your daughter was such a cute baby and I adoreeeeeee the pink doggies you had her on!
I wouldn't have even noticed her hemangioma if I hadn't have read your post!
I look forward to seeing more of your layouts and having a look round your blog!