Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Hello darling butterfly scrapbooking layout and process video

Hi everyone. I'm here today with a butterfly scrapbooking layout that can be completed in 45 minutes if you have the right tools and can work fast.

To help you along the way, I've documented the process in a video, which I will post tomorrow so be sure to check back..

Once you get the patio party collection in your hands, or any other supplies you'd like, you can follow along with me to create this fun layout.

Butterfly scrapbooking layout andprocessvideo by @heatherleopard using @pebblesinc #jenhadfield #patioparty collection #madewithpebbles

Paper piecing - 12 minutes

Butterfly scrapbooking layout andprocessvideo by @heatherleopard using @pebblesinc #jenhadfield #patioparty collection #madewithpebbles

To get started, cut a supersized butterfly using your electronic cutting machine. Peel the butterfly from the mat and also save the larger bits you cut out to use as templates for filling in the holes with patterned paper. Next, choose 5 - 7 coordinating patterned papers. This is where you could spend too much time overthinking things. DO NOT overthink the pattern placement. If you are working with papers within the same collection, chances are they will look good next to each other. Just pick up a paper and get started.

Starting at the top, select the template you reserved from the butterfly. Place it over your patterned paper and cut around it, leaving just enough edge around the perimeter - maybe 1/8" or 1/4" inch. It just really depends on the design. Once you've cut that out, discard the template and adhere the patterned paper to the back of the butterfly. You should have a perfect or near perfect fit. Repeat until all spaces are filled.

Secure the butterfly to the page, machine stitching down the center and adhering the left patterned paper side with foam dots.

Butterfly clustering - 12 minutes

Butterfly scrapbooking layout andprocessvideo by @heatherleopard using @pebblesinc #jenhadfield #patioparty collection #madewithpebbles

Next, you are going to add flower and butterfly embellishments to the top of the other side. Make sure you save space for your photo (I used a 3"x3" inch photo. I adhered my photo using foam dots and then filled in around it, adding flowers and butterflies. Once that was complete, I moved along the butterfly, adding flowers and butterflies along the edge of the butterfly and working inward to fill in all the spaces. I adhered some directly to the paper with liquid glue and I popped others up using foam dots. I worked this pretty fast to fill in all the spaces.

Add the finishing touch - 6 minutes

Butterfly scrapbooking layout andprocessvideo by @heatherleopard using @pebblesinc #jenhadfield #patioparty collection #madewithpebbles

In the time remaining, you just need to add a title, a cluster or flowers / butterflies on the patterned paper wing and around the title and journaling.

Craft along with me

Check back tomorrow to watch the process video I created for this butterfly scrapbooking layout.  I sped up the time so you don't have to sit and watch me for 45 minutes.  Remember: don't overthink this, you too can re-create this in under an hour, maybe even 30 minutes if you don't have any interruptions.

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Rhonda said...

OH MY GOSH!! Another masterpiece. I am going to watch the video for sure! Maybe I will even be brave enough to try this for National Scrapbook Day. :o) You are super. WHOOP!