Wednesday, December 14, 2016

DIY Mini Christmas Pinatas

Ho, ho, ho and Merry Christmas..  I'm so excited to show you these mini Christmas pinatas I whipped up.

 I created these for us to just have around the house as part of my Christmas decor but as I was making them, I couldn't resist the urge to fill them with candy.  I'm giving it only a few days before I break down and give them to the girls as a nice little treat.


  • cardstock (I suggest matching to the main color of the patterned paper you choose) 
  • patterned paper - NOTE: Please see the supply list at the bottom of this post for actual patterned papers used. I substituted 2 of the papers shown above. 
  • paper trimmer (to cut the paper strips) 
  • fringe scissors or regular scissors to make the fringe 
  • shaped box cut files (I searched high and low for 3D pinata files with little success so my simple solution was to use Christmas shaped box files) 
  • adhesive 
  • sticky dots 
 Let's whip up a few DIY mini Christmas pinatas. First, the Christmas tree.....

  1.  First, fold the cut out shape into the box form. Put them together to form the box.  You may chose to fill them with treat prior to putting them together.

2. Cut 1" strips of Christmas tree patterned paper.  Then cut small fringe from the bottom up leaving approximately 1/4" uncut at the top.

3. Wrap the fringe around the tree.  You may have to cut at the sides to keep your lines straight but you can't tell once you put it all together. Add sequin or enamel dots as decorations.

Next is the ornament...  

I used a circular box cut file and then modified it to create the topper for the ornament.

Create your box by adhering the ends of the paper strip together.  Adhere one side of the ornament to the circle. Next, fill the ornament with any treats or leave it empty if it's for home decor like me. Then adhere the other side of the ornament.

  Cut your paper strips into fringe as per step 2 above.

I added the fringe around the sides first and then I decided to add a circle underneath the fringe so that the red ornament would not show through the fringe.

I added fringe layers on top and then embellished with sequins. I added a coordinating pattern as the ornament topper.

 And last but not least, the candy cane...

I found a cute candy cane shaped box in the Silhouette store and made a couple of cuts.
Then it was just a matter of rolling the bottom portion into a tube and adhering it.  The top part was a bit tricky because you had to roll it while also adhering it at the right angle but it worked out good in the end, once it was covered in fringe.

Fill it with treats or leave empty like I did since it's part of my home decor.

So there you have it, folks. The most adorable DIY mini Christmas pinatas I've ever made and yes, these are the first mini Christmas pinatas I've ever made.

American Crafts Textured Cardstock 12"x12" - Leaf 
American Crafts Textured Cardstock 12"x12" - Crimson


Majken Pullin said...

These are SUPER CUTE!! <3

assignments said...

Merry christmas to you too, you surely have art in your hand. You made it look so easy, going to show this post to my wife as she likes making things by herself