Thursday, March 24, 2016

Diamond Girl

I'll be doing a Spring Break / snow skiing trip post soon but for the time being, this layout is a bit of a spoiler but Y'ALL we did something we didn't think we'd get to do as a family for a long time and not only did we do it but we excelled at it.  Stay tuned for more on that but until then here's a spoiler alert...

My girl did BLACK DIAMOND ski runs.  She had an Adaptive Sports Coach, Ty Bonnell, who was Ah-mazing and now considered a part of our family. I'll get to the details on that separately.  But on day 6, he led her down a Black with all of us there watching and skiing with her.  We snapped this photo of them pointing to "Caliente" right before we went down.

How to:  Cut diamonds from a piece of cardstock.  I used the Diamonds Forever cut file from the Just Nick store. Save one of the diamonds you cut out to use as a template for cutting the pattern papers.  Adhere some papers directly to the back and adhere others using foam squares. I used a lined pattern in one of the squares for journaling. Once complete, hand stitch around a select few of the diamonds. Then add layers under and over your photo.  I chose a frame and a speech bubble to highlight specific things in my photo.  Lastly, add a fun title and scatter embellishments.   I chose clear crystals and gold enamel dots to look like falling snow.

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