Wednesday, October 23, 2013

YES!!! I Can Post to My Blog Again!

Oh my gosh! I have been locked out of my blog for 2 weeks (thanks Google) and I have been so sad (and frustrated) because I have so many projects sitting here that I want to share.  So be warned, be happy, be scared, whatever, but I'll be on a roll now.  Stay tuned and thanks for sticking with me!

And since it just feels wrong to post without a photo, how about this one of my littlest sweetie today.

She decided to dress up to take her big sister to the bus this morning. I call her Super Hero Fairy Lion Tamer Good Witch Glinda girl!



Katrina Hunt said...

OMG! That would be horrible! It's one thing to take a break on purpose, but when you cannot post and it's not your fault.....EKKKK!!! glad you are back!

Diana Waite said...

SUPER cute picture Heather--and welcome back! ;)