Friday, March 15, 2013

Lucky Cascarones and Heather Leopard Scrapbook Sketch

Created for the American Crafts blog for the confetti challenge.  One thing I love about my Mexican heritage are all the traditions and cascarones at Easter is most definitely one of them.

It makes a huge mess but we have so much fun cracking confetti eggs on each other and I love passing this tradition down to my girls.

Scrapbooking Sketch by Heather Leopard:

To create this, I used a confetti punch gifted to me by my friend Diana Fisher.  I punched and punched and punched away at pattern paper while I was scrapping with her, Audrey Yeager and Sara Zenger.

Once all the confetti was punched, I pressed it down over cardstock covered in liquid adhesive.  Once dry, I added twine and stitched vellum over part of it to help my photos pop.  The I added clouds raining confetti at the top.

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