Monday, June 21, 2010

Celebrate 6 - WOW 20 Photos

This week's Nuts About Sketches sketch was a 2 pager packed with photos.  Here's the sketch and my layout, which happened accidentally on purpose.

This sketch was perfect for all the pictures I took at Rheagan's 6th birthday party (last October).  I wanted to break up the rows of photos in the sketch plus I had more pictures than spaces for photos so I made them the sizes I wanted using Adobe InDesign.  After I printed them I wished I had made some smaller to frame them and not have them all pushed together (I was afraid you wouldn't tell where one ended and the other began). I was meeting my friend Audrey at a LSS so I didn't have time before I left to re-size and re-print them (bummer). I had already cropped the photos so trimming them smaller wouldn't work. To my surprise, a few of my photos printed the wrong size, which worked out perfectly so I was able to implement my revised plan. Yay!

I journaled about the party and included Rheagan's friend's names as a pull out card under the group photo. I knew I wanted to include some bear fluff and hearts so I asked for some at the party and the BAB staff was happy to oblige.  I like how it turned out and how it wasn't really planned but ended up how I had hoped.

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