Monday, December 29, 2008

Make Life Happen

That's my new motto. I haven't posted since before Christmas because there was so much going on ... from crafting to shopping to family and of course Santa's big visit. While the fam was in town my husband & I had a date night. We went and saw Yes Man. It was pretty funny but most importantly it actually made a profound impact on me. I work FT, have children and have a small craft business. I have just realized that my kiddos are suffering from it. When we could be going to the museum, park, zoo, etc. we are usually at home de-stressing (sometimes playing enthusiastically, other times half-heartedly). That's not always bad but they need some culture, damnit. So I will be saying "yes" more often than "no" from here on out and see where it takes us. If the weather stays nice this week I think I'll pull Rheagan out of pre-K for the day and take her and Reese to the zoo. If it's cold, we'll go to a museum.

I'm also going to say "yes" to myself more often and find more time to feed my passion for scrapbooking my girls. I think I'm going to start with a mini album and maybe I'll even win some cool items. Check out this cute album and the Cosmo Cricket giveaway.

So, are you a yes man or no man??????

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